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Some occupations covered for Professional Indemnity Insurance

We had a look over our files to see what occupations we insure – to give you a flavour. Below is a sample of occupations we have insured. We don’t have them all listed but it give us an idea of the range of occupations.Remember we also do Online Public Liability insurance at www.publicliability.ieIf you need office insurance check our Online Office Insurance website at Burkeins.ie

Professional Indemnity Insurance trades

Professional Indemnity for Technology Sector

Professional Indemnity for Technology Sector

Computer Consultant

Computer Contractors

Computer Programmers

Internet Consultant

Internet Trainers

Internet Service Providers

IT Project

IT Consultants

Website design

Professional Indemnity for Engineering & Associated Trades

Professional Indemnity for Engineering & Associated trades


Building Services Engineers


Civil Engineers

Energy Assessors

Environmental Consultants

Fire Consultants

Fuel Efficiency Consultants


Loss adjusters Architects

Quantity Surveyors



Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

Ambulance Service

Shared Medical Service Centre

Health & Fitness Gym

Medical Screening Centre

Medical Equipment

Clinical Trials

CT Scanning

Radiology Services

Traditional Professional Indemnity trades

Traditional Professional Indemnity Trades

Advertising Agency



Forensic Accountant

Financial Advisers

Insurance Brokers

Mortgage Brokers

Human Resource

Loss Adjusters

Miscellaneous Professional Indemnity Occupations

Miscellaneous Professional Indemnity Occupations


Broadcast – Radio Stations Libel etc

Education Sector

Exhibition Consultant

Food Consultants

Chemical Consultant

Compliance Consultants ( FDA etc..)

Health & Safety

Forestry Consultant

Landscape Consultants

Loss Assessors

Management Consultant

Marine Consultant

Project manager

P.R Consultant

Research Consultant

Training Services

Wedding Planners