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Types Of Professional Indemnity Insurance Claims

Types of Professional Indemnity Insurance Claims

Types of Professional Indemnity Claims

We have compiled a list of some of the types of Professional Indemnity claims that are made:

  1. Failing to execute customers directions
  2. Failing to keep a record of customer directions
  3. Failing to comprehend a customers’ needs and expectations
  4. Failing to bring problems to the attention to the appropriate people of the insured organisation
  5. Failing to make sure that the insured has correctly understood the advice and warnings brought to their attention.
  6. Failing to make known conflicts of interest
  7. Failing to communicate information between client and insurer
  8. Giving improper or partial advice
  9. Breach of confidentiality
  10. Mis-description or misleading promotion of products/ services

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